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One of the Excesses of Refinishing a Bathtub

Having been one of the best San Diego Bathtub Refinishing contractors for over a decade, we have enough knowledge about the excess of refinishing a bathtub. Hence, we would like to explain at least one of them in the discussion below.

Unlike a lot of other projects in which the amount of labour involved is indicative of the timeframe for the project, refinishing and replacing a bathtub actually do take about the same amount of time. The reason for that is because both of the processes require as assurance. In replacing an old bathtub, it should be made sure that there will be no problems during demolition or installation of a new bathtub and as for the refinishing process, there is a waiting period between each stage of the process.
However, this time estimation is based on a problem-free renovation project during the replacement and refinishing of the bathtub. As the same with most large-scale home projects, many things can cause delays; it means that replacing the tub can potentially take much longer than refinishing it.