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The minimalist concept for your family dining room

A dining room is one of the best places for you to gather with your family. Sharing and discussing after a whole day of work, while eating the dinner could make a harmonic family sensation. That’s why the austin home staging wants to share some info with you about the minimalist concept for your family dining room.

Here is the concept that you must know :

1. The shape of the table

Generally, there is two model of the dining table, there are the round and the rectangle one. However, due to the space limitation, avoid the square or the rectangle shaped table. The rounded ones are often to be chosen due to its capacity could gather 3-6 people while the square one can only use by 2-4 persons.

2. The table materials

It’s recommended for you to choose a table that made of a good material. So it could be used for a long time. Choose the one that made of the real teak wood. Avoid the ones made of the glass or the mixed materials.

3. Match the table with the design of your dining room

In order to choose the color, design, and the shape of a dining table, it’s prioritized to choose the one with the suitable color with your dining room. So it will look match, neat, and comfortable.

4. The size

If your home has the minimalist concept, that means the rooms in your house are relatively small. That’s why you need to choose the smaller size of furniture, and the table is included. This way, you will still have a nice table without to worry about the moving spaces, while also hide the true size of the room. Remember that the minimalist concept could fail if the house feels narrow or too crowded.

5. Mind the family members

When you’re choosing a dining table, you need to think about the numbers of your family members. You don’t want to buy the ones that only could be used by 4 people when you have a family consisted of 6 persons or the opposite.